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What is a Spirit Baby and How Can it Help Your TTC Over 40 Journey?

I don't recall how Walter Makichen's Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have entered my life. It was several years ago and I was experiencing unexplained secondary infertility...

As I read Walter's book, so much of the WHY behind my infertility became clear to me... and I began doing the work of spirit baby meditation. I also had and continue to have spirit baby readings done... which have consistently (no matter who did the reading) shed serious light on emotional and spiritual issues impacting my ability to conceive.

And you might be asking yourself "What is a spirit baby and how can it help me conceive after 40?"

A spirit baby is the spirit of your unborn child. It is the being that has chosen (in conjunction with you) to one day come into the body with you as this person's mother. While there are different types of spirits, spirit babies live in the spirit baby realm where they are waiting to choose to return to earth to live a new lifetime with the family they are choosing to spend THIS new lifetime with.

Keep in mind: Souls come in packs.

Very often, a spirit baby that becomes your child in this lifetime was deeply connected to you (could've been in different relationship dynamics) in a past lifetime. The child you are raising today could've been your mother five lifetimes ago or your sister in the last lifetime or your grandfather a few lifetimes before that. In these past-life connection cases, the ties (and the wounds) run deep. These souls reincarnate together to heal, to learn and to grow together.

If you're asking yourself "What happens if I don't have a spirit baby that's tied to me from a past lifetime or is in my aura? Can I still communicate with and develop a bond with a spirit baby?", the answer is Yes. There are also spirit babies who are not tied to a particular family but who want to find parents. These spirit babies with no mothers or fathers can choose to come through you.

So, if you're still walking down this woo woo road with me, there are three key things to understand about spirit babies:

  1. The act of conception is a CO-CREATION between the mother, the father, and the unborn child. This is not a "I want to get pregnant so I get to decide." No... The spirit baby has a lot of say about when they are willing and ready to enter into the conception contract and, in many situations, when pregnancy isn't happening, connecting with your spirit baby (through spirit baby communication) can shed a lot of light on why pregnancy's not happening and what you can do to free those blockages.

  2. Spirit babies want to communicate with their parents. They want to hear from you regularly and consistently. They want to feel supported and loved before they choose to come into being. They want to help you help them come into the world. Spirit babies are not withholding themselves from you or judging you or choosing not to come because you're not 'perfect' enough. They are simply wanting to have their needs met and one of their biggest needs comes in seeing that you will and are making time to BE with them, well before they come into the body.

  3. It takes practice, patience and time to hear from your spirit baby. Spirit baby communication is NOT a fast path. Typically, it takes MONTHS before you consistently begin to hear from your spirit baby... and it's so easy to get discouraged when you've spent weeks consistently practicing spirit baby communication... and hear or see absolutely nothing. Remember: Spirit babies communicate on their timetable, when they are ready and in a variety of audio, visual and sensory ways. Do not give up on being vigilantly consistent with the spirit baby meditations when you feel like you're doing them but getting no messages in return. It WILL happen. Give it whatever time it needs.

How Does Spirit Baby Communication Work?

In his book, Walter Makichen provides a number of meditations/chants/affirmations and instructions for all of those forms of spirit baby communication. Walter suggests practicing spirit baby communication daily (at the same time every day). Over and over again, Walter stresses that the most important thing you can communicate to your unborn child is this: "We love you. We care for you. Welcome to our family." It's love that will help resolve any issues with the conception contract.

What Kinds of Conception Problems Can a Spirit Baby Help You Figure Out?

It's so easy on the TTC Over 40 journey to blame all of the reasons you're not getting pregnant on yourself ("My age", "My eggs", "My issues"). Keep in mind that, according to Walter Makichen, "Most of the desire to change or clarify the conception contract comes from the spirit baby. Even in the spirit stage of their existence, the unconceived have the desire to communicate and be reassured. The prospect of a new life and identity can be quite frightening. If they do not feel listened to or receive the reassurance they seek, they will often withhold themselves from the conception contract."

Having clear, consistent and open communication with your spirit baby can help you figure out what things you need to resolve prior to that baby feeling secure enough to come through. Sometimes, it's the location that you live in and a move is required before the spirit baby decides to come into the world. At other times, it's that you're working at a job you hate, you're burnt out and your life force energy is zapped to the point where you physically are having trouble conceiving.

In other situations, you might have subconscious fears and limiting beliefs about becoming a parent that has you wanting a baby but feeling very resistant to actually moving forward with it. In other situations, a spirit baby has a past life connection with you and that baby wants to come at a time when you're both ready to resolve the issues from the past in this lifetime.

How Can Practicing Spirit Baby Communication Help Your TTC Over 40 Journey?

Practicing spirit baby communication on a daily basis can help your TTC Over 40 journey in a number of ways, including the following:

  1. Helps your spirit baby feel safe and secure enough to choose to incarnate into this lifetime. Building a strong relationship with your spirit baby will help him or her feel safe and secure. This will strengthen that spirit baby's resolve to come into the body.

  2. Trains you to be adept at hearing the subtle messages from your spirit baby. A continued communication will also help you teach yourself how to hear the messages your spirit baby is sending your way every single day. Once you're able to pick up on those messages, you'll have a tremendous amount of support in knowing what to do to encourage conception.

  3. Reduces the amount of anxiety, pressure and fear you feel about 'time running out.' Souls are eternal. The more you connect with your spirit baby, the more that child will shed light on the timing of their conception and why you don't need to worry about the age of your eggs because the timing (for both of you) extends so far beyond one lifetime.

  4. Helps you reduce your stress level, increase your immune health, and practice better self-care. Meditation, in any form, does wonders for your body. When you layer in the spirit baby meditation piece, you are now building a loving, caring relationship with your unborn child as you, at the same time, rebuild that same quality of relationship with yourself. It's like magic when it comes to conception.

Are you ready to start practicing spirit baby meditation?

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