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In general, if you Google "TTC after 40" let alone "TTC chances at 45", you will be very depressed by what pops up on the first three pages of Google search.  Don't do this.  In general, there's a traditional view of women's reproductive lifespan that holds to the "your eggs are old and, by the time you're 45, you have no shot at getting pregnant using your own eggs." 


However, there's a group of practitioners, doctors and researchers who are diving much deeper and debunking the idea that women in their 40s have no ability to have babies using their own eggs.  Below is a list of resources that I consider my MUST haves if you're a woman TTCing in her 40s (especially beyond 45). 


These are practitioners with DECADES of experience who are sharing philosophies, ideas and techniques that will help you improve your health and, by doing so, improve your fertility.  Dive into their work and see what resonates with you...  

TTC Must Have Resources 

Aimee Raupp, Fertility Detective

Find out more about Aimee >>HERE<<.

Dr. Marc Sklar 

Dr. Marc Sklar has an amazing YouTube channel you can find >>HERE<<.


Having the ability to track hormones daily (estrogen, progesterone, FSH) is a game changer and every woman TTC over 40 should have this.  Check it out >>HERE<<.

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