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Holding Newborn Baby

What is a Spirit Baby?

Walter Makichen was a renowned clairvoyent medium who used to help individuals who were having trouble conceive a child connect with their spirit babies to learn what may be getting in the way... and what the individual(s) could do to help their spirit babies come into the body.  in his book Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have, Walter defines spirit babies as follows:

"I found the world of those waiting to be born-- or "spirit babies", as I call them-- to be an especially fascinating realm to work with.  Over the years many couples have come to me with questions about conception, past life connections, miscarriage, and anything related to welcoming a new baby into their lives.  Thus began my work with the spirit baby realm."  

Why Spirit Baby Communication Matters 

While there may be many medical and physiological reasons behind a lack of conception, it never hurts to build a relationship with your unborn child now.  It's also important to create space for your own self-connection through the practice of spirit baby communication. 


Some of the most powerful techniques provided in Walter Makichen's book Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have are the spirit baby meditations, not simply because they help you connect with your spirit baby but because they help you reduce your stress, clear your chakras and open up the energetic space to conceive your child. 


The more you can open your chakras, the more relaxed your nervous system and the more energetically receptive you are for conception.  This is especially important if you're someone who's an overachiever, workaholic running day and night, drinking coffee, not sleeping well and somehow hoping to achieve pregnancy in your 40s.  HINT: You're going to have to slow down, give your body what it needs and get back to being FULLY PRESENT and available to yourself.

Now... There are those who might fear doing spirit baby work because something inside you might be saying "But, what if I do the spirit baby meditations and no spirit babies show up for me?  Does that mean I'm not meant to have a baby?"  I had that fear for a very long time... and then I was brought back to a passage in Walter Makichen's book that rekindled my faith and reminded me of the supreme intelligence of the Universe.

Makichen (on page 29) said the following: 

"I introduced myself to the spirit, confirmed I indeed was not her father, and asked if she was lost.  "No.  I'm in the right place", the spirit replied.  "I'm supposed to meet my father here."  "What's your name?" I asked.  "I don't have a name yet.  My father's name is Frank.  He's going to bring my new mother here to meet me.  When I'm born I'll have a name."  "Why are you waiting here?" I asked.  "This is a joining place.  It's easier to pass from our world to yours here."  "Are there other spirits like you waiting for their parents in this place?"  "Yes, but some have no parents.  They need to find a mother and father.  So they wait here.  This is a joining place."  

Walter goes on to tell a couple later on in the book "If you decide to have a child I can call a spirit baby for you.  There are many spirit babies who are unattached and need to find loving parents." 

There's so much hope in knowing A- many of us have spirit babies who are meant for us and B- even those of us who don't have spirit babies in our aura can change our karma and CHOOSE to bring in a spirit baby that is in need of loving parents and a loving home.

Although Walter Makichen is no longer with us, there are a number of people who still do spirit baby readings, including Nancy Mae and Doris Delessard


Spirit baby meditation is a part of my fertility prep.  It's not always easy to do and consistently practice but every time I do a spirit babies meditation, I feel stronger in my belief that my spirit babies are with me. 


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