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Welcome to Fertility Beyond 45!

This is a space designed for women 40+ who are on the courageous and challenging journey of conceiving, carrying, giving birth and raising children using their own eggs. 

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Kassandra Vaughn

Fertility Advocate & Author

I am a woman in her mid-40s on the TTC journey.  I'm a fierce advocate my fertility and, in turn, a fierce advocate for yours.  Only by knowing AND trusting our own fertility can we navigate the journey of finding the right experts and medical professionals to support us along the way.

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My Story

As a woman who's experienced secondary infertility, miscarriage and, now at the age of 45 and 6 months, on the journey to have babies later in life, I have looked for a space and a community where my fertility, in my 40s, would be seen, honored, validated and encouraged.  Sadly, I have not found that. 


What I've found is outdated research, doctors who medically gaslight and affirm that donor eggs is my only option, and a bunch of Google searches that all say that, at 45, I have less than a 2% chance of conceiving a healthy baby with my own eggs. 


Let me be VERY clear: I DO NOT receive any of that. 


I am woman who comes from a long line of women who gave birth to healthy babies at later ages (50) and I am also a woman who struggled with secondary infertility in my 20s (when I was supposedly at my most fertile).  I am also a woman who knows that the expert on my body and my fertility has always been and will always be me.  So I've built this site to build a community of women in their 40s who are in search of hope, strength, information and, most importantly, resources. 


There's a lot of information on the web that would have us believe that we cannot conceive and produce life at this age.  Let's go on this journey with eyes wide open, heart clear and mind ready to dive in, learn, grow, and change what needs to be changed... and then let us give this dream all we've got and accept whatever comes from giving it our best shot.

So it is... and so shall it be... 


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Questions? Let's connect.

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